Our Mission

BONK! exists to bring healing, justice, equity, joy, connection, and quality of life to the Racine community and beyond, through a variety of educational and community-building initiatives, including a world-class performing arts series.

Our Objectives

To Assemble

 BONK! provides free, curated, monthly events where people of the greater Racine (and now beyond, virtually) area can experience interdisciplinary literary and artistic performance. These performances are designed to engage and educate the public toward a greater appreciation of literary expression and cultural perspective while enhancing Racine’s reputation as a burgeoning renaissance city. 

To Cross-Pollinate

This is the tagline for BONK! and it refers not only to bringing different art forms together, but also to building relationships across demographic boundaries by engaging individuals, organizations, businesses, and institutions in a unique way. 

To Inspire

The BONK! arts and culture series serves as a vital resource for local and emerging poets, authors, and musicians, providing them with a venue to watch, learn from, and perform alongside more established artists. BONK! provides a much-needed link to a broader literary scene, offering local artists a means to build relationships with each other. 

To Inclusively Broaden Hearts & Minds

 BONK! provides a welcoming environment where people with limited experience of the arts can participate in a literary event of quality without feeling self-conscious and where all people can be introduced to cultural ideas and perspectives that they otherwise may never encounter.

Our Team

Jen Simpkins

Executive Director

Esteban Colon


Amanda Gaastra

Graphic Designer

Alex Reilly

Assistant Director

Kelsey Marie Harris


Celia Shultz


Our Sponsors
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