BONK! Poetry Festival 2022

For National Poetry Month, BONK! is hosting a virtual poetry festival on Zoom webinar and will be live-streamed on Facebook Live. For the event, local poets will present different styles of poetry. We are looking for individuals to perform at this event. Each presenter will be expected to do the following:


  1. Choose a style of poetry to present on.

  2. Explain the origins/history of that poetry form.

  3. Teach how to create a poem in that style.

  4. Read 1-2 examples of poetry in that style.

  5. Read 1-2 original poems in that style.

Below is a list of poetry styles we are looking to have presented at the event. If you want to present a form that is not on this list, let us know.



  • Sonnet

  • Haiku

  • Cinquain

  • Sestina

  • Slam Poem

  • Villanelle

  • Ballad

  • Acrostic

  • Visual Poetry

  • Found Poetry/Blackout Poetry

  • Ode/Elegy

  • Free Verse

  • Instapoetry

  • Ekphrastic

If you are interested in performing, please send us an email at or send us a message on Facebook at our page.

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